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During this they are carefully iloor are arranged in their series, the packing cases being seen at the left. 43 is a standard reference gauge, and is only used in the tool-room for comparing with the shop gauges. While most users are familiar with the suitabiliy of different abrasives for certain classes of work, the principal features regarding the ynanufacture of grind- ing ivheels have always remained more or less unknown. No particular reference has been made space; simplicity of eonti'ol; smaller amount of heat lost to the surrounding atmosphere: and cleanliness of sur- weighed and gauged, and one selected out of each series for the firing test. GKIXDING as a means of removiug metal lias been brought to a state of such perfection and ap- plied to such a broad field of manufac- ture that grinding machines excite no more comment than engine lathes or other manufacturing fools. Because like the Fisk 82", all G & K belts from the smallest to the largest are quality pro- ducts throughout. 1—26" X 17' Johns 1—27 1— 28" 1—30" 2' Pratt .t Whitney. The brass socket is now hand tapped, and the shells cleaned and weighed so as to be ready for the final Government in- spection. CANADIAN MACHINERY 163 Grinding Wheels : Their Material and Manufacture The adoption of grinding a-s a corantercial operation in machine shops has been very marked in connection with shell making. The massive, clean line con- struction makes for permanency and high-economy service. John Toronto Winnipeg Calgary Saskatoon Vancouver for Mechanical: Good si i'iiiiii Mii-iiii[M'iiiiii M nil UHii,iiii^i.ii, Niii Miiniiiffi Mii M;iiiiniiii,iiijr^,ffi71i,flihiii HNim! They possess the e.ssential qualities of pliability, firmness with minimum stretch, great strength, and durability. Representatives in Canada : THE CANADIAN FAIRBANKS-MORSE COMPANY, LIMITED St. They absolutely do away with the necessity of first annealing, then turning down, and re-hardening centers. The third turret face holds a bar with a similar cutter, but curved to suit the inside profile of nose.

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So we asked how many files he used each year.' When he mentioneii the figure, we said we coulit show him a "leak" that would astonish him. Were wasting time getting the last bit of wear from each file — instead of disearding them when their BEST efl Sciency was gone. The shell is placed in the chuck and is located in the correct position, l)y a swinsina finger pivoted on the front tool saddle. have awarded the building contracts for their new factory.

CIRCULATES IN EVERY F -^^^tt^tce IN CANADA ^0 -o^.^ ^ _ K^^ MANUFACTURING NEWS / im ^« pr 'fi'^Sl A weekly newspaper devoted to the manufacturing interests, covering in a practical manner the mechanical, power, ^'"^"j'j J^y^v V and allied fields. We are the originators of the use of Hydraulic check for lowering loads. K V Make Your Own Combination 1 ■*fflff Holders End of holder i- milled l" receive the driving lug of the cutter and there is also a hole and set screw to acciimu Kidatp the shank of the guides. They are held in place hy means of a set screw m the holder en- gatiinti a A'-slot in the shank of the guide. The copper band now completely fills the recess and the shells are removed to have the bands turned. The copper bands are turned on a machine built by the Jenckes Machine Co., Sherbrooke, Que. — Tenders will be re- ceived l)y the secretary of the Board of Water Conmiissioners until Monday, August 23rd, 1915, for the construction of a reinforced concrete gallery and con- nections thereto. Darling Brothers Limited Toronto MONTREAL Winnipeg MADE IN CANADA We are manufacturing special machines used in shell making. P.uriiltain Hydraulic rump LATHES AND TURRET LATHES IN STOCK.