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25-Nov-2017 01:35

The only way you’re going to be able to do that is if you’re dating them.

Maybe there’s someone who’s been one your mind while you read this post; a girl who, now that I mention it, has been on your mind a fair bit lately; a beautiful, holy woman that you haven’t yet had the courage to pursue.

It’s a chilling idea, and one that I think has certainly created some reluctance toward dating.

Harris’ book, and the many others like it in the ’90s and early 2000s, were written in reaction to society’s increasingly casual approach to love, sex and relationships—all of which are, by their nature, not meant to be casual.

We don’t want to make the wrong decision, so we discern and overanalyze every possibility, to the point where we never actually take action.

This isn’t to say that God doesn’t call people to periods of singlehood.

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So if you’re contemplating asking someone out for coffee, you don’t need to be quietly weighing her merits as the bearer of your progeny (in fact, it’s probably better that you aren’t).

My concern is that we’re setting the wrong standards. Or maybe we aren’t concerned about whether a lady loves Gandalf as much as we do, but we do expect her to already be a saint.