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It made me ill that another woman had taken Diana’s rightful place.Couple that with all the revelations of how a 19 year old girl had been used and abused by the Royals just so she might give them an heir, I literally closed the book on them.If you visit one of these beaches please do not engage in any sexual activity.

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I started reading about the Royals again, which then got me started reading about Diana again.Once the truth finally came out and then poor Diana passed away, my interest in the Royal family slowly waned.The final straw came with Prince Charles' marriage to Camilla - "the Rottweiler" (Diana's nickname for her competition) - I just didn't care for those two.Go north on 28 about five miles until you see a parking lot on the west (lake) side of the highway. Walk south on the fire road that begins here until you come to two Porta Potties and some trash cans.

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Follow the trail that starts here down to the beach. If the lot is full, you can park on the shoulder of 28, south of the last No Parking sign (cars on the asphalt itself will be cited).

Look for the Highway 50 exit and take it east to Lake Tahoe.

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